An Unlikely Venture

I’m one of the least likely people to ever start a cooking blog. I’ve disliked cooking for as long as I could remember. I find it too time consuming, utterly boring, my eyes are blinded by tears when cutting onions and frankly my food never turned out very well. I also grew up as a ridiculously picky eater. For years it was only white bread and Kraft cheese for me! Nothing with any spice or if it contained too many green things I would turn my nose up at it!

But now I’m in my mid twenties, and well… I still hate cooking. But I am becoming less picky, but still uneasy around quinoa and other hip, healthy and organic foods. But I’ve been extremely fortunate because I’ve been blessed with a fantastic boyfriend, Daniel, who is by nature a born caretaker. In his role as a caretaker (and me as someone who likes being taken care of), he has kept me well fed and from starving for the past 4 years. And in the past 4 years of him cooking every meal for me, he’s become pretty awesome at it.

So recently an idea struck me. An experiment that will help me explore cooking, branch out my pallet and also spice up our relationship (pun intended). Every week we are going to choose a different country from around the world and together make a meal from that country. Yep, instead of watching television and constantly asking, “is dinner ready yet?” while Daniel does all the cooking, I’ll be donning an apron myself, chopping, sauteing and trying like heck not to slice a finger off.

I’ll post the recipes, photos and results here along the way. I hope you come on this culinary journey with me! First stop, India! Coming soon!


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